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Never again! 0/10

Whilst a refund was eventually credited for a product that doesn’t meets its claims, the communications path was one of the most tortuous and difficult I have ever experienced – and that includes 25 years as a marketing consultant dealing with hundreds of trade and end user suppliers both in the UK and overseas.

I will not accept their much delayed £5 voucher off a second order because I could not trust this company again and encourage all dissatisfied customers to make their experiences known to Consumer Focus and the media in which Easylife Group advertises. Note - Other trading names include Personal Choice, Reader Offers, RT Direct (Radio Times), Stauer (Heritage) and Jean-Patrique.

If the media realise their brand is being damaged, then perhaps Easylife Group might react positively and show less contempt for their customers

Avoid their premium rate 0871 phone number by using 01795 412010/014/061
Don’t worry that your hear the legally required pre-recorded message advising you are paying a premium rate – as long as you dial this geographic number 01795 you are paying standard geographic call rates, or might be free if included in your call package.

Alternatively write at their postage expense to:

Mr R Wise, CEO
Easylife Group Ltd
Euro House
Cremers Road
ME10 3BR

Mr Wise never replied directly to me nor did most his staff to my many communications.

Footnote to Mr Wise and national newspapers – please remember the proven maxim:
A dissatisfied customer tells on average 10 others!
A satisfied customer tells on average 5 others!
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