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EasyLifeGroup is an incompetent business attempt to control several Companies...

In November, or thereabouts, I ordered their magnifying glasses WITH its plastic case for £12.99, as shown in their mini catalogue.
The same items are shown in two other catalogues for the same price, (or £6.99 for the glasses alone)
The glasses arrived without the case..Their answer to my phone query, was that
it was a misprint.. They initially refused to return the difference of £6 plus p&p.
They eventually told me to return the glasses for a refund, which I did, (having obtained their return code).
I am still waiting for the refund . (22 Feb.,2013).
Everybody should submit a written complaint to their local Trading Standards Department to get this Company shut down, because of their dishonest, unacceptable trading behaviour..
Having studied the Easy Life Groups' activities,and listed complaints, it appears that they are more like an incompetent Call Centre, creaming off customers' payments, before passing those orders onto their six subsidiary companies.
Three of those Co's appear genuine, but the other three are Scams.
I feel that the police should be requested to investigate those three premises with immediate effect. QED !
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