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Excellent Customer Service

I've been dealing with Easyroomate for 13 months now and after all the disappointments with potential tenants, Darryl that I had for a month in September whom was a Chronic Alcholic and was so abusive the police had to be involved a I was so upset as he basically stole my $1,200 Laptop otherwise he refused to leave. I have spoken many times to EasyRoommates and they most certainly have been very generous in helping me.
My consultant ELLI whom has been just amazing with her help and support and such a lovely , caring consultant whom has given me so much encouragement to hang in there as the right person will come into my life that will appreciate a very nice home and what I have to offer. When I felt so despondent a low as the Emails that I had been receiving had been extremely unsuitable.With her help a support she made suggestions to improve my profile a make some changes and it worked.
I have now Terry living here but unfortunately because maybe of his personal circumstances spilled into us getting along together.
My health at present has not been good and because Terry a I where not getting along very well I was so upset.
2 nights in a row sitting outside
Mac Donald's crying and not wanting to go home, to my home I rang as I spoke to ELLI and listening to me and making suggestions that I asked her, good heavens her encouragement and support without that who knows what I might have done.
After a few letters from last night and in the mide of the night, Terry a I had a respectful conversation and hopefully we have resolved most of the issues at present and just have to be mindful a considerate of each other's needs.
I am aware that I have spoken to ELLI for longer than I should a maybe got off track a bit and I'm sorry that I was talking so much but oh my goodness I was in a bad way a she is such an inspiring a positive person to have working on your site and I hope others and yourselfs appreciate how fortunate to have such a beautiful , sincere, compassionate consultant representing your site.
I am and are very grateful for the generous time spent on helping me.
I hope Terry a I will be fine, just give a take and it's a so new.
So thank you and with ELLI she is a major asset for you.
Many Thanks Michele venusshelly@me.com
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