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Long delays in approving photos and incorrect issue regarding size of files

Hi, I am disappointed in the protocols and service at Easyroommate.com.au.

I paid for membership and I posted an advert on Sunday lunchtime, but the photos were not displayed until about 7pm Tuesday.

1.) At nearly 6pm on Sunday I received an email saying that the photos are over 1 mb in total, and consequently not approved. This was incorrect as the total size of the photos was only 599kb.

2) However, I changed one of the photos, and submitted all the photos again (now they were a total of 565kb). Now the photos were not displayed on the advert as I had to wait for a human approval.

3) At nearly 6pm on Monday I received an email saying that photos were rejected as the total size was still above 1 mb. I double checked, but this information was completely incorrect as the total was only 565 kb.

I wrote an email to the website administrator, but received an automatic reply to the effect that it can take up to 48hrs for a response.

4) At nearly 7pm on Tuesday I received an email saying that the photos were accepted, However, when I looked at my advert the first photo was not displayed, and another photo was displayed twice.

5) I don't want to even think about correcting their error in the photos, as my advert will have no photos displayed until they are approved by a human, and probably their computer will probably reject them (as it seems to think that 565kb is over 1mb)....

I'm very unhappy.....

Another competing website does not have these issues, it publishes all photos straight away and then lets their web visitors report any inappropriate photos.

Why can't easyroommate.com.au have the same protocol?
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    Reply from Easyroommate

    Dear Kimsaq,

    I do apologise for the inconvenience you had with the pictures.

    In order to provide a good service quality and content, 100% of ads and pictures are moderated by a dedicated moderation team who works 24/7. Unless, users keep on editing their ad's description or pictures, ads and pictures are moderated every 2 to 3 hours. But, note that after each modification the ad will automatically go through moderation again.
    While your ad is in moderation, you can still use the site, start your search and contact other Members.

    I had a detailed look at your account and indeed, some of your pictures were rejected during moderation. Please bear in mind that not all the pictures were rejected, some were published on Sunday.

    Our email mentioned the possibility of your pictures exceeding the limit of 1Mb as a reason for rejection. Looking at the pictures you kindly sent us I confirm that this was not the case.
    The first picture you sent has another company's logo. Unfortunately we couldn't publish it due to that logo; all pictures must be originals. The picture of the kitchen was blurry, that might be another reason for rejection.

    I logged into your account in order to delete the picture that was uploaded twice, instead I added the last picture you sent by email. I also moderated your account straight away; your ad and pictures are online.
    I have also restarted your 1 month Membership from today, now that your ad is published with the 7 pictures.

    Don't hesitate to contact us again if needed,

    Kind regards,
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