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Service? NOT at Ebay!

I won an auction on a pair of german leatherpants. The dealer (Wintex) only accepted bank transfers. I transfer the money and wait. After 5 days the dealer writes to me, that he doesn't have the right size on stock, but he had another design and color. The new design wasn't really very nice and I didn't like the color, so I asked for a refund. The dealer accepted and promised to return the money right away.
After 10 days the money had still not arrived and I wrote the dealer again. Once more I was promised that he would transfer the money right away. Still nothing happened. After another couple of days I got an email from Ebay, that the dealer had launched a complaint! Apparently he hadn't received his money! A lie, of cause, but by opening a complaint, he blocked my option to give him a bad review and thereby warn other Ebay users! I answered the complaint with a description of what had happened. I offered to send bank transfer receipt and mail correspondence. Now the other part (wintex) should answer, but they simply didn't! I replied on the complaint mail (It said that I should, if I wanted to contact them regarding the complaint) asking about what they intended to do about this apparent fraud. No answer.

I launched my own complaint case, as I had neither received money, nor pants. I got an automated response, telling me to contact the seller myself and try to reason with him. I did, again. This time he didn't even bother to lie to me. Again, I replied to Ebay, that I had tried it (Actually this was the 3rd time) and that it didn't work. This time I sent them a copy of both bank transfer notes and mail correspondence, so they could see what had happened. I was promised an answer within 2-3 days. This is approximate 10 days ago.

So to recap: I was cheated by a dealer represented by Ebay, I wrote them 4 mails with detailed description and documentation and all I got in return was a useless, automated answer and a bad feeling in my stomach.

Security when shopping on Ebay? NONE! Only thing you can do is insist on using Paypal - at least they take their customers seriously.
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