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eBid is a great alternative to Ebay

eBid is newer than Ebay but is growing every day. Sellers are no longer happy with the ever increasing fees on Ebay and are turning to eBid where if you pay the one time life time fee you have nearly all the features of Ebay and a fraction of the cost. 2% FVF is ever so much less that the 10 to 15% charged on Ebay.

Admittedly sales are slower on eBid however, sales have started to pick up and I feel they will only continue to grow as more and more people get the word about eBid

We do not have any threating emails advising that if our DSRs are not brought up we will be kicked off and are kicked off before getting the opportunity to improve service. Go Figure!

On eBid we still have the ability to rate buyers as well as sellers and all is done fairly

All you have to do is visit the eBid forums to see that both buyer and seller are a happier group of people. The forum users are polite and extremely helpful to newbies.
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