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Do Your Research

I registered with E-bid a few years ago and in that time have sold 2 items. Yesterday I removed all my listings and gone back to E-Bay.
People trust me you MUST do your reasearch before entering into a partnership with any company.

I spent at least a week researching their methods and sign up details regarding Seller+ Liftime deal £49.95 I contacted them via email to answer a few questions I had. Well let me tell you that was pointless, reading afrom a well preppared script is NOT customer service.

Lillte know fact started to appear. I would really like to name a few people but can't really do that but try this people before entering to any dealing with E-bid. Log into their forum anyone can look in there. Check peoples profiles, you know the ones that say " Stick With E-Bid " " Sales Are Picking Up" click their feednback and see how many sales they are getting.

I did this a few days ago from a person who I can't name but does nothing other than promote E-Bid in their forum. They had been a customer for 2 years+ had a feedback of +31 This means they made a sale of 1.5 items a month. Now how can you state things are picking up when you cant sell more than 2 items a month.

There are many stories of people bing locked out of their account after paying £49.99 Lifetime + simply for selling high end products. They lock your account and ask you send ducumentation to prove you are who you say you are.

If this is that important to them why do they NOT request this information before taking your cash.

With the lifetime fee you get 5 FREE stores. I do not see the point in have 5 stores. I do not see the point in having one store. If sales are not there then there is not point.

So what about promoting the site and advertising? Well they ask you to pay the £49.95 and then ask you to promote them? Unreal.

Again read the forums people are all saying the same thing " Why are we doing the promoting "

I believe their forums are full of there own staff feeding everyone with promisses of things picking up.

Yes we all know the FEEs are low compaired to E-Bay but I can stand at the end of my drive giving away things for free all day long if they did not work.

Don't get me wrong people I do not think E-Bay are doing themselves any good with the way they are going at the moment. I do not fall on either side I think they both have there bad points.
But as a seller you have to go where the sales are and they ARE NOT on E-Bid.

Unless they change the way they do things it WILL NEVER COPMETE WITH THE BIGGER AUCTION SITES.

First of I would invest a shed load of cash to promote as much as possible for the long term. A few TV adverts here in the UK and in the USA.

Inform people BEFORE they sign up that documentation would be required if you sell high end products.

The best way for be to describe E-Bid is as follows:

This is an auction site a little like a massive Shopping Mall with thousands of sellers and stores.
BUT some bugger forget to open the doors in the morning to let the buyers in.

I gave them a 2 star rating and to be honest that was generous.
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