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I have made around 8 orders with ebuyer since August 2011.
The goods I bought have a total value of over £2500 and every one of those orders has been processed, efficiently, without fuss, and bang on time. I have never been happier ordering from a web company than when I order from ebuyer. I think it's because I take the time myself to make sure what I am ordering has plenty of copies in stock. For example I would never order a £400 tv if it showed only one in stock as I dont want to risk the chances of it being allocated to someone who just beat me to it.
I would be very very suspicious of people claiming that ebuyer is a terrible company.
It isnt !
Their website offers the maximum level of communications possible. The staff are always professional and very generous with their time and patience. I can name a couple of times they went the extra mile for me. This is a trustworthy company and as far as I am concerned they have my 100% trust, and support.
I have never had a cause to question their integrity, honesty, or their level of service or customer care. I just do not understand how people can say they have recieved less than 100% from ebuyer. My personal experience with other companies leads me to believe ebuyer have a winning formula that others dont even get close to
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    Reply from Ebuyer.com

    Thank you for placing so many orders with Ebuyer since August 2011 and for your positive review.

    I am very pleased to hear that all of your orders have been processed smoothly and have arrived on time.

    We would also like to thank you for your comments on our website and the staff here at Ebuyer, it is very nice to hear how happy our customers are and your review will be passed around.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any future queries.

    Kind Regards


    Ebuyer Resolution Team

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