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Absolute garbage on all aspects.

Absolute garbage.

Bought a 1TB Seagate Goflex hard drive, conked out within 7 months, they then offered a PARTIAL refund to the items value because the quickfind code was different! There was an identical Hard Drive with a different Quick Find code, however because it was different then they couldn't replace it!

Third hard drive that I had to replace with you, and the two previous times took me a battle to even come to some sort of an agreement.

They then processed the refund automatically, with an auto-confirmation on my part (I didn't agree to this). To only give back 80% of the money I spent. The god damn item wasn't even discontinued, it was out of stock, I would just wait for more stock to come in, but nope! Once the refund has been processed, nothing else can be done after that! Absolutely nothing! (According to their terms of service, which I agreed to when buying a product from them, said by the phone operator again), later they offered to send me the hard drive back to which I could RMA it with Seagate themselves, HOWEVER they would have to retract the refund.....but they already just said nothing could be done after issuing the refund? And they just went "Sorry for the misunderstanding it", there's a lot of it, bad communication and bad training.

They didn't offer an alternative, a full amount credit at Ebuyer, OR the exact same god damn product under a different quickfind code! "Because the quick find code is different then the product is slightly different too" Were these people bricked to the head during their training? It was the EXACT same product just with a different quickfind code.

Best part of all, the Support, or should I say absolute LACK of it. I was on hold for 10 minutes before I could talk to anyone, that is at 10p a minute! Do the math! I was then poorly greeted by someone called 'Lee' who was rude, abrupt and just said "If you read our Terms Of Service" and "In our Terms Of Service" and "Well, under section X on our Terms Of Service". No, absolute garbage, not a single word from my mouth was acknowledged.

I then asked to be forwarded to a manager, guess what happened!? That's right! He forwarded me to his colleague! I was fuming, I waited 10 minutes to get transferred just to get transferred to the wrong person to then get transferred again! Wasting more of my money on phone bills!

I then demanded for the full refund and that an official complaint was forwarded to their CEO/Boss. I wasn't entitled to a refund, because the manager said "Just because support was poor, doesn't give you the right to have a full refund" her vocal support was absolutely appalling as well, she was argumentative with me and just downright rude. Kept saying "Terms of this, terms of that" and was sarcastic as well. I have never ever been so disgusted with something like this in my life. Christina is the name of that manager, she is garbage.

I've always had shoddy support from their team, and shoddy hard drives as well, absolute garbage of computer parts they sell.

For a complaint, I'd have to post 1st class stamp to their office. Like that is going to be read or acknowledged? Go take a jog, you should take the complaints over phone as well, I'm paying you 10p a minute!

Overall, terrible products, terrible customer support. Will never use them again, will not recommend them to anyone, and I know people who resell with them and are getting sick of their tedious games. It's over for them.

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    Reply from Ebuyer.com

    I sincerely apologise you are not happy with the service you have received and for the negative experience you have had with Ebuyer.

    You are able to contact our complaints team through email or by post, if you would like to discuss this further please contact me at resolutioncentre@ebuyer.com with your RMA number so I can look into this for you.

    Once again I apologise for any annoyance or inconvenience caused.

    Kind Regards


    Ebuyer Resolution Team
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