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Delivery & Customer Service is the worst

I am reducing my amout of stars that i have for this review because, i had the WORSE experience ever... IT all started when i got this Asus EVO AMD3+ motherboard, and when i finally built the system, i was getting a RED Cpu light, so, I research on the internet, did everything i could, nothing worked,
so I decided to call them up, with the return number etc.
This daft idiot i was talking to, WAS saying that my ASUS EVO AMD3+ AND MY AMD3+ AMD 8CORE PROCESSOR WAS COMPATIBLE??!?!?!? I said this to Sarah over the eNOTE thing, ENJOY! retards....
The person that i was talking to was hopeless, he said that my cpu isnt
compatible with this motherboard, when on the Asus website IT CLEARY says
that it is, and I DO NOT want a refund, I want a replacement for this
motherboard because this is IDLE for what i want need,

Please can you employ someone that knows what they are talking about, or
could even read for that matter, he gave me the sites URL the one that he
was looking at, and saying that it wasn't compatible
: http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/AMD_AM3Plus/M5A99X_EVO_R20/#CPUS

This is the sites URL, and IT CLEARY shows that my 8 core AMD FX 8120 is on
the list...

I am really quite annoyed, because i've used eBuyer for all of my computer
gear, all i wanted was a simply replacement, and i've recommend this
company to anyone who is making or building a computer to get parts, I am
not sure that is the case any more, because of all of this that has

Could I please have a replacement? I am sorry that I've said all of this,
but I figured that you should know that I am Really unhappy, and also, if I
do get a replacement, could someone please checks if it works, This is my
3RD motherboard that i've received that is FAULTY!
And to be honest this is getting beyond a joke!
The person that I was on the phone to was so rude!

YUP! You have to changed the way and teach those "IT people" that should really know what they're talking about!

I used to really like this company, but from this experience, it's really changed my mind, this made me so angry it's unbelievable!!!

Also got a working motherboard, after the 6th time...
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    Reply from Ebuyer.com

    I apologise your friends items were received before yours, the delivery speed depends on the delivery option selected and which warehouse the items are coming from. If your items are from one of our secondary warehouses we may not be able to deliver them before the delivery date.

    I would also like to sincerely apologise that your item was not supplied with the cables advertised and that the wrong cable was sent to you when this was queried.

    I am however pleased to hear this has now been resolved and your item is in use.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries.

    Kind Regards


    Ebuyer Resolution Team
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