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Great delivery just note exactly like the picture!

We ordered the Easter parade bouquet for my mum due to the sudden loss of our gran. Online it said we could get it sent the next day! Which was fantastic as we wanted to cheer her up over the Easter holiday. They arrived by 1.30 the next day so couldn't have been happier! Then mum sent us a picture of the bouquet which wasn't quite what we order. Although a nice bouquet, it was purple and Lilic flowers in pink paper! When we had order yellows and blues! I understand that some flowers are unavailble at times but it shouldn't be advertised as an 'Easter' bouquet if those flowers in the picture are infant out of season! Shame really as my mum hates Liliac! Oh well x
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    Reply from eFlorist

    Dear Laura,

    Thank you very kindly for your detailed feedback. We are sorry to hear that what was received was not exactly what you were expecting, particularly if your mum hates lilac.

    Whilst we allow our florists to make minor substitutions to our orders based upon seasonal availability and the stock of the florist on the day of delivery, we insist that any changes remain within the style, colour scheme and value of the items chosen by our customers. Essentially, the bouquet delivered should greatly resemble the item you had seen on our website.

    From your description, this would not appear to be the case and so we hoped you may be able to provide a photo of the flowers received. This allows us to see precisely what has been delivered as well as provide far more detailed feedback to the florist involved.

    To do this, simply go to: www.eflorist.co.uk/help.html. Click on the 'Email Us' icon and when the new window opens click on the email link on the right hand side of the page. Please be sure to include your order reference number and an image of the flowers if possible.

    Our Customer Service team would be very keen to investigate this matter further.

    Many thanks & kind regards
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