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Disastrously bad customer service

It's very simple. I ordered some flowers and was assured they would come on the day I specified. They didn't, they came two days late. On their website it says "by all means contact us if there is a problem." So I did, and I have heard nothing back.

Disastrously bad customer service, don't believe these 4/5 star reviews, I guarantee they are made up.

EDIT - It says below that eFlorist contacted me. They did, but the email in no way helped and didn't actually make sense. It was also 3 months late. Don't use this company, it's a lottery as to whether you'll get your flowers on time.
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    Reply from eFlorist

    Dear Tom,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear of your disappointment.

    Please be advised that our Customer Service team have been looking into your order and have sent you an email regarding your concerns.

    Kind regards,
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