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Delivery promise not kept and unwanted argument with drivers

The sales offer said delivery 5-7 working days. I took the trouble of telephoning to ensure stock was available and that the delivery dates could be met. I had a prompt return telephone call to confirm that was the case.
After the 7 WORKING days were up I telephoned to find they did not even have the goods to despatch , and delivery could be the following Tuesday or Thursday.
I told them it HAD to be the Tuesday. That was met
On delivery, the delivery people insisted the product had to be unwrapped . I refused. My onward customer would not want a product not in its original wrapping and the van did not have a shrink wrap machine on board.
It got farcical with them making me speak to their office who also somehow did not understand the meaning of "I am not unpacking it"
There was absolutely no need to as any obvious problem would be visible under the transparent packing, and while the packing was damaged, holed actually in the base, no doubt due to careless internal trucking,
They they had the supplier call me who rang off before I could answer the phone, I tried their number 3 times but without answer.
Not a good buying experience and I would not deal with them, I would rather pay a higher price and get better service.
I was , frankly, a typical uncaring on-line service example.
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