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98/100 Yessssssssssssss!

Don’t bother with high street price match they were amazed at the price we were paying!
On line order process very simple, the estimated delivery was a day short which caused mild panic as kitchen fitters were finishing.
Delivery was advised after email chasing date and driver phoned twice to advise approximate time then to confirm he was at correct address.
Our kitchen fitter unpacked/checked as requested, excellent presentation.
Unfortunately WREN kitchens have not been as efficient with quality service or product and we have not been able to use range or kitchen for 2 weeks...... Easter bunny will be delivering the outstanding items so we can then use range etc.
Like others we were dubious of the website price so read reviews and took the plunge; are we glad we did, you bet!
Hopefully you will have a pleasant experience.
4 star & 98/100 only because we had to chase delivery.
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