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Would never use them again! Underhand tactics!!

I sent 14 phones to Envirofone which I had packed myself. In receipt they emailed to tell me that 3 of the phones had no battery, one had a cracked screen and various other faults with 4 other phones. So out of 14 phones they suggested that 8 of them were not quite up to standard and they reduced the price of each by about half. I called them and told them that I had packed the phones myself, all of them had batteries, none of them had cracked screens and demanded that they send them all back to me so that I could send them to Mazuma! At this they offered to re-test them all and some time later they called me and lo and behold out of 8 'alleged' faulty phones 4 of them were okay after all including the one with the cracked screen, when I queried this, their poor excuse was that a supervisor had re-tested them and the cracked screen was probably just a small scratch! It would seem that the batteries all miraculously reappeared in the phones as well. I Googled them after this and found that this is quite common behaviour with Envirofone, there are many stories of people sending phones off to them only to be told there are problems and the phones are devalued, really bad underhand tactics from them. I will never use them again.
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    Reply from Envirofone

    Hello Julie

    Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

    We apologize that you're not happy with our service. Very occasionally the initial testing verdict may be incorrect which is why we will always have a phone re-tested by a supervisor if a customer disagrees with a fault. In this case when we re-tested the phone with the cracked screen we found no fault, and the original full value was given. We definitely didn't receive the batteries and this was checked by the testing manager and the warehouse manager, but as a good will gesture we gave full value for the phones without batteries.

    All our phones are tested by hand and the amount of mistakes that are made during the initial testing process is minuscule. We're the longest running mobile recycling company and have over 3 million happy customers. The vast majority of people who have complained about their phone being damaged didn't pack the phones correctly when sending, and this resulted in damage occurring to their phones. We have now changed the packaging that we send out to customers so that we are fully compliant with The Royal Mails new packaging guidelines, and we are one of the only recycling companies that now sends out 'cardboard packaging' instead of plastic envelopes.

    Many Thanks Envirofone
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