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You ripped me off!

My phone was on totally in excellent condition not even a mark worked fantastic! U came back with a fault saying it had water resistance!! So my phone was priced at £103 down to £53! Then I find out that this is common from you people ripping people off with this comment!! My sister in law two other friends sent there iPhone 4 phones to u people and u people said its water resistance! My sister in law refused the offer of a pathetic £53 wanted her phone back, sent it away to another company, who tested the iPhone 4 it was in working order gave her £116 for her phone! I have posted a comment on Facebook to say not to use envirophone as u rip people off!
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    Reply from Envirofone


    Thank you for taking the time to write a review.

    We received two phones from you. One went through at full value but the other was found to have a triggered water marker. iPhones have water sensors in the charger port and the headphone port, and if the sensor comes into contact with water it changes colour. The phone may appear to work fine but it is technically classed as water damaged, and therefore has an effect on the amount that we can sell it on for. With regards to your sister in law, we can only assume that the other company didn't test the phone properly or failed to notice the water marker had changed colour.

    We're sorry that you were not happy with our offer. You could have had it returned free of charge but you selected to accept the reduced offer.

    Many Thanks Envirofone
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