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one of the worst companies i have used

i spoke to an advisor based in Nottingham she had a shitty attitude which i explained i was recovering from pneumonia, being a product of weak sperm she failed to use her brain to realise this was a seriuos health matter and demanded full payment before my pay day which i explained that could not happen. i called back to speak to e.on advisor who basically told me her attitued was all wrong and he would set up a payment plan agreed to make a payment of £170 and i would get all the details in the post regarding the payment plan. on the 17/01/13 i came home from work to find my appartment very cold which the timer was set 4:00 pm to come on.After several attempt to increase the pressure to the boiler thinking this was the issue i decided to check my mail box to fine a letter from e.on stated '' you have not paid what you owe us'' and they had fitted a gas meter. I phoned e.on from 5:20 got through at 6;20pm asked to speak to a manager who put the phone down on me 7:00pm i spoke to a manager in the Nottingham area explaining i have no heating it is very cold i am also asthmatic, D replied there was nothing he could do as a manager to get the gas on. after being disolusioned by e.on i then phoned the o1158434262 number i ended up speaking to the original advisor who set up the payment plan the call was recorded as he began to inform me that he couls see my information on his screen it is clearly there in frot of him. Advisor P stated he would do two things 1 to get my gas back on as an emergancy 2 would be to look into the payment plan and why this was not done. P asked if the call was recorded and then admitted he failed to pass the information to the correct department and set up the payment plan. After being on hold for twenty minutes i was put through to a department called pdu this advisor informed me the gas was turned off and the token meter was seal ? for this to be removed i would have to pay £93.00. I had already explained that there was a payment plan set up the advisor said there is nothing in place to the effect of a payment plan. The advisor said if want your gas on you need to pay now or they would add this money to your account i explained that the house is freezing cold and my illness where i was forced to agree to the £93.00. the engineer turned up at 00:20am 7 hours without any heating no information passed on by e.on own advisors is this acceptable ?
18/01/13 at 9:35 am manager R explained to me e.on were perfectly in the right what they did he demanaed my medical discharge records from the hospital at this point he was told in an angry term not a chance even with a court letter. R, Manager also told me if i wanted gas to walk 8.8 miles to get a gas meter card, the walk would be there not returning back in thick snow with Asthma i explained i am not walking any where i also asked if this was a mother with a young child you would be treating them in this manner shocking.
at 3:45 i was informed by the manager they had a company rep in my area however he was refusing to drive up to my doo and if i wanted the gas card with £30 of gas i must walk to the end of my road in the thick snow at 5:00pm. walking to meet this rep he was sitting in his car while walking their was a ttal of 4 cars that drove past me. The rep gave me this N.Power card with £30 of gas on i asked what do i do with this card how does it work in reply the rep stated i don't know.
21/01/13 i phoned e.on to say what is happening regarding compensation and about removing this meter a manager phoned at 4:00pm to inform me that £30 was the compensation and he proceded to explain that E advisor on the 14/12/12 had informed me. At this point i reminded him about the payment plan agreed by P which was recorded the phone call was ended. a solicitors firm was sent a notification of their behaviour. i also was informed e.on tried to enforce a young single girl from birmingham to pay a bill of a £1000.00 which she wrote endless and endless letters explaining that this bill was not hers , but the prevoius owner due to the increasing bully and intimidating letters she was forced to get a solicitor involved and e.on admitted they were at fault.
if any one is reading this your option is to tackle e.on is through the legal system no win no fee and also to expose their behaviour by use of the media. i will be exposing e.on with this behavoiur until this matter is closed any one who chooses to get in touch i am meeting a journalist from a national paper on the 28/01/13 who has agree to run my story to expose energy companies using bullying tactics and lie to cover their errors. email me
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