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Useless money grabbers

I moved into my house in november 2012, the house was on a pre-payment meter, costing me around £25 a month for usage, plus around £15-20 for gas.
In december I had a standard meter put in as i was informed I would be better off using one of them.
I was told that it would take a few months for it to show up on my account that i had a standard meter rather than pre-payment. I had called up each month to see if it had been updated on my account, and in febuary i was informed that i could now be placed on a deal for £69pm for both gas and electric.
As I was informed of this price I thought everything was business as usual and continued paying bills etc. I recently had an email from E-on stating my direct debit has been changed to £92pm, to this I called up and questioned why it had gone up. I was informed it was due to my bills being underestimated and that i owed around £240 more, from between now and december, I thought this was high, as a new home owner I didnt know if this was normal or not. I was then asked to take a meter reading as they say that they have had no meter readings since december, despite somebody coming around to take the reading on 4th april, when I gave the reading i was informed that my usage was still underestimated, and my total bill had now gone up by another £92, so between 4th april and 13th april I have apparantly used £92 of electric and gas, now knocking my monthly bill to £119
I questioned why i was put on such a low price if it was leading to me owing such an amount in such a short time, to which they replied that it was based on estimates as they have had no meter readings.
I checked this and they have had every actual reading for gas, and only missed the actual reading in december due to the pre-payment meter being taken off.
I believe E-on purposely sets low amounts to give people a false sense of security in regards to what energy is being used compared to what is affordable, and therefore rack up higher bills.

I find it sickening that they treat customers in this way, lying from the start and continuing to lie throughout, customer service does not deal with the issue, only apologise on other peoples behalf.

I know i am responsible for my energy usage, but as both me and my partner both work 40+ hours per week, we are not home all the time and cant watch out meter every second of the day incase the suppliers have there estimates based on factual readings is too low!!.

as soon as what i owe is paid off, I'll be switching.
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