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The worst-steer clear

Moved house. Received final bill on old house for £40 or so. Paid it and account closed April.

In June, received a revised final bill-over £1200 now outstanding which they proposed to STEAL from my bank account on Tuesday, despite my protestations that this could not possibly be correct-given the time period involved, a small factory would have struggled to consume the amount if electricity we were being billed for.

A series of snotty exchanges followed, in which it was suggested quite clearly that the bill was correct, I was wrong etc. In my complaint, I am also enclosing to them copies of e-mails from their staff which I consider to have snide and sarcastic undertones-clearly implying that I am trying it on, rather than making any attempt to even check that I might not have some point. Ever heard of the customer being right? Not at E.on, that's for sure.

I set about exhaustive detective work as it was clear they weren't going to do anythng. My hard work eventually established a typo on their part-they had put the wrong first digit of a meter reading sent to them in writing. Once they had recalculated the bill, turned out they owed me money. They could have spotted their own error with a quick look at the file and one might have expected that one of the people there might have thought I could have had a point that didn't it seem odd that a low user suddenly uses 10000 unexpected units?

Once I had done their quality assurance for them, did I receive an apology for the stress, hassle, time etc? Not a hint-just a flippant and nonchalant e-mail saying revised bill now attached and my complaint would be closed as clearly all sorted-absolutely not, after the time, effort and sheer hassle I've spent sorting out their slapdash approach to providing a "service".

Still, lesson learned. Never again. Going to spend same time again researching the oher energy suppliers before making a switch. Being realistic, expect it'll be a case of finding least worst but even that would be a dramatic improvement on E.on. The only thing they've boosted is my blood pressure.
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