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Annual Service What Annual Service

EON/EHS was due to service my boiler this month as part of the annual service contract
They did not contact me to arrange an appointment to service the boiler so my partner phoned them
She was told by their operative the service could take place anytime within the twelve month contract period not every twelve months as the word annual suggests.
The date the operative gave my partner was for good Friday (18/03/2014) My partner explained this was no good as we would be away
We were given a second date in the middle of May as this is way past the annual service date we decided to cancel the contract as a safety check is very important to us as the boiler is installed just outside our bedroom. (don't fancy waking up dead from carbon monoxide poisoning)
We had paid the direct debit yesterday which is I understand an advanced payment so my partner asked if we would be covered for the next month or would get a refund we were told neither no cover and no refund as when the money was taken out we was still covered so we have paid for cover for the last four years had three services that we always had to contact them to arrange and thankfully never had to call them out for a breakdown
We have taken out a service contract with another provider got better cover for less money (should have looked around sooner a lesson learned)
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