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Rubbish and expensive

Firstly E.on aren't that cheap, especially when they undercharge you for a year despite repeated phone calls telling them they're not taking enough money and then they write to you asking for all the money to be paid upfront. Given that we couldn't afford to repay all of this in one go they stuck us on a prepayment meter, and now won't let us change back without paying a £200. We also can't move suppliers to a cheaper tariff with this meter!

Customer service is rubbish - they don't answer emails as promised with 5 working days, and then when you email their complaint address they send you an automatic email saying

"he email you've attempted to send has not been delivered.

Please resend your comments using the link provided to http://www.eonenergy.com/At-Home/Contact.

We've redirected you to the website to guarantee the security of your information, as any information you send to us will be via a secure server.

Please don't reply directly to this email.

Kind Regards

I'll be glad when we finally get shot of them!

UPDATE 10/08/12

Left e.on and now with EDF energy who have been brilliant and are now removing my pay as you meters free of charge! E.on even had the cheek to call me nearly two weeks after I had started the cancellation process to ask me why I was leaving (they obviously don't keep notes about customer calls) and to tell me that they could have actually changed my meters but didn't know why I wasn't told that at the time!! Totally incompetent company!
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