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Not recommand seriously

New Updates 2/24/2013: on yelp
Highly Not! recommand !! Im living now~~

After I posted Yelp, the supervisor called me and I got a promise about noise from

my neighbor. She told me that She never got a report from the security that I called

more than 4 times. That was only reason that she didn't notice my complain and she

gave me a number which number contact to her 24/7. I believed that. However,

last Friday ... It happened again... TV sounds from my neighbor at midnight.. So, I

called the supervisor gave. But it went to the automatic voice message..

W T F?

So, I called a security silently and he went my home. The security heard that noise

and wrote a long long specific reports. He promised me to that reports will send to

supervisor on Saturday morning. It's Sunday midnight and the TV sound is coming

through my wall again. Now, I am giving up to call the security and updating this

posts because nothing has changed during 2 weeks.

I know the supervisor is monitoring Yelp because......................

She called me imminently after I posted and promised to solve that G O D.. D A M N

TV sounds.. Oh... and Neighbor has started playing electric guitar at night.

It's getting worth and worth and my lease agreement is still remaining 3 months.

I am saying to future residents about this apartment...

It's very attractive visually but the resident care management is like a

H O L Y S H 1 T.

Don't leave hear.... You are gonna regret to leaving in here.

I guarantee 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000­%

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2/10/2013 First to Review
im living now

Its time to call security after 10pm and I did it over one month. Already, some security officers came to my apt and heard noise and wrote report to give it to office, however they just warnning them. but they didnt change their behavior.
No idea, seriously why office does not fix this problems.

also, i noticed that to leasing office by my-self and knocked their door. I can always notice their sound like tv,taking all of it.
what a nice place, I pay $ 2700 every month.
I have midterm~~~ s

I can feel my neighbors are so temper because i smell marijana from there. I know that is none of my business but they make some loud noise. I hope that they might reduce their temper attitude. i want to sleep in right time. When I am taking rest on my sofa, I can hear their loulder music
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