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Beware - their customer contact representatives tell you lies.

An online retailer relies on good reputations, far more so than a traditional bricks and mortar organisation. It therefore surprises me that expansys support staff resort to lies in order to fob off customers with legitimate concerns.

I ordered the GPEN300 on the 13th of December, at which point I was told that I my order would be fulfilled in 3-5 working days. All well and good.

On the 19th, having recieved neither the goods nor any communication as to any change to this delivery date, i checked my order status, only to be told by the website that it was now '10 days' i.e. after Christmas.

So, I called the number and went through to the customer helpline. I was given a number of misdirections, including 'I will send the web team an e-mail' and 'we cannot guarantee our stock levels at any time'. now I am sorry, but as I explained I have worked in the IT industry for over 18 years and I understand how properly set up logistics and distribution and sales order systems are set up. None of the explanations given provided me with any reason why the delivery date would change, expecially without informing me.

As I am married to a lawyer, and therefore with a reasonable understanding of contract law, when I explained that i had a 'reasonable expectation' that the original delivery dates imply a contract (no matter what disclaimers appear on the order reciept) which should be fulfilled. I was told that the goods would arrive at the Expansys warehouse in the US on the 21st, and required 6 days to ship to the UK. I therefore agreed with the representative that I would recieve an e-mail on the next morning (20th) confirming that Expansys would separate my product in the US and ship it direct to me, so as to arrive in time for Christmas. All well it seemed.

No mail on the 20th, so I rang again and was told that when the product arrived in the US warehouse it would be expedited to me by Fed Ex Express.

When I called today, I was told that:

1. this had not happened would not happen and will not be possible.

2. They have no record of my conversations on their CRM system. Oh, and despite what they say in the call they do not record any telephone calls made to their contact centre.

3. All the managers are in 'important meetings' that will last until 5pm and are not available.

So, Expansys have left me in a position where they have not contacted me to inform me of anything past my original order placing on the 13th December. Their staff have given me a number of excuses and when these have not worked have resorted to lying to me. They have not only failed to provide me with the goods to promised delivery dates, but furthermore because of their lies you have put me in a position where it will be impossible to source an alternative from another retailer. This would have been entirely possible had I been informed on the 13th or even the 14th.

This behaviour from their organisation is not only shoddy, it is redolent of some of the first generation online retailers (some of whom I have helped to set up proper systems) who made bright promises and then failed to live up to those promises. I have no expectation for when this product will arrive and no desire to shop with them again.
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