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Terrible, robbery!

I placed an order for a Lumia 920 at €732.17 including delivery and it was listed as in stock. I paid with a Maestro as it was listed as an acceptable payment method.

The following day I received an email saying its an unacceptable payment method and to contact them to proceed with the order. I did this and was advised to carry out a bank transfer, which I did, for the full amount of €732.17.

I was checking my account later on that day and noticed that the original "unacceptable" first payment had actually been debited from my account, but not even for the same amount. I had received the original receipt for the amount above, yet there was €747.77 debited, so an additional €15.60 was charged. I can understand a double charge, occasionally this happens with some transactions, but to send a receipt for an amount and to take more than that value from an account is actually criminal.

Following this I called Expansys to inform them that I needed that payment back. I got talking to the customer support and they said it would be refunded immediately. I then asked if the order itself had been processed and they informed me that the item was out of stock and not expected back for another two weeks. The site still had it listed as being in stock!

After being informed of this I requested that my order be cancelled altogether, that was enough, I have now made 13 calls to the customer support trying to get my money refunded. I still have not received anything, 7 days later I am still €1479.94 out of pocket with no sign of a refund. Every time I call its like starting from scratch, Its as if they have no record of the fiasco and need me to explain everything over and over again. I have been promised refunds every single day and still nothing. I was even told that they tried to transfer the money back but my bank account would not accept it. Ridiculous! I have contacted the bank and there is definitely nothing wrong that would prevent money from going INTO my account!
On my last call I informed them that I would be going to the Gardai about it and follow up legally if it is not refunded today. Since that call an hour ago the bank draft of €732.17 is now back in my account. I am still waiting on my additional debit of €747.77.
I will never ever use this site again, and I will happily advise everyone I know to stay away from them. Disgraceful illegal behaviour!
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    Reply from Expansys.com


    We would like to firstly extend our apologies for your experience mentioned and we would like to investigate your circumstances and come to a suitable resolve as soon as possible, therefore could you please contact our customer services team on the email below where a dedicated customer experience manager can pick up the detail.

    If you mark the subject header as "Trustpilot" we will be on the look out for your details. Please include your order reference details so we can trace your detail with us and make contact.

    Best regards
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