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Ordered (& payed) about month ago.
Last two weeks check the order status about every day.
Countdown changes 8 times (from 1 day to 3-5, as arule), two times saw the status "In stock".
The last one status "Expected 4 Days" I see the third day.
Contact email not answered, contact phone is busy 24/7.
Week ago received email with excuses:
"As you may know, HTC have had several delays with the HTC One since March. We received stock from them 2 weeks ago, but it was not the amount we were expecting.
This meant we had to serve our customers on a first-come first-serve basis".
The lie:
1. By the expansys's forum, some persons wait from february(!).
2. HTC One is present at my local market now. (As promises by local retailers - in the may's beginning)
So, I haven't money & haven't phone.
Expansys smell as fraud.
Just delaying has the good reason: money has own cost.
From every goof by 500$ for one month - not bad profit should be.
Calls AIM: "Alternative Investment Market".
Today status changed again: from 2days to 6 days. How return my money in this situation?
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    Reply from Expansys.com

    Hi Dmitry,

    we apologise in the delay in getting the product to you. The item you ordered was a new product launch and in extremely high demand. Unfortunately we were only able to get limited stock, hence the availibility dates kept changing. We appreciate that waiting is frustrating.
    I notice that now you have cancelled your order, i have now asked the finance team as to when your refund will be completed.
    If you require any further infomration, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 467 700 or email first@expansys.com.


    Customer service maanager
    eXpansys Europe.
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