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On 23-02-13 I ordered and paid for an Acer smartphone and accessories all were listed as in stock I sent information and verification as requested and expected an e-mail informing me of delivery, 1 week later I checked the status and found that one part of the accessory pack was out of stock and awaiting delivery. I awaited this day, checked status and again delivery was delayed by 3-4 days in the meantime the phone was reduced by £24.00 Jodie agreed to reduce my order by this said amount of which she did ON PAPER she did not refund this amount to my account. She also agreed to send all items in stock she did send some but kept the phone. On the expected delivery date of the missing item I again checked my order status and again found it delayed. At this point I am a very unhappy customer I sent an e-mail and received no reply I therefore decided to cancel my entire order (I no longer had faith in Expansys fulfilling there part of the sales contract) and telephoned Expansys to do this and queried the missing £24.00. Jodie was not in work that day and the person I spoke to could not answer my question.
On the 18-03-13 I received a partial refund of £180.63. and have been told that no further refund will be paid. The £25.35 that is further owed they are keeping. Have ignored totally the emails I have sent with regards this amount and I find it very hard to believe they are unable to check there records to establish exactly what has been
paid, refunded etc. I have been very reasonable but now I am not only a very unhappy customer I am very annoyed (p---ed in less polite terms) and have decided to take this matter to court I want the £25.35. owed and the £6.35. cost of returning paltry items I received (within my seven days from day after receipt of goods as stated in the DISTANCE SELLING LAWS. Of which Expansys chooses to ignore) and will further be asking for compensation for stress caused.
If you choose to buy with Expansys do so with care if you are spending more than £100.00 don't use PayPal use your credit card you are protected under section 75 of the credit act and your card issuer will deal with any problems you have in getting your money back, with PayPal you have a very small window to raise issues and if you are unavoidably delayed as I was and experience as I (and many others) have
you are left with probably just 2 options the Ombudsman or as I have chosen small claims court.
Not for nothing are Expansys at the bottom of this review list of companies and I have given them much more than they deserve of 1 whole star because I have to apparently rate them something.
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    Reply from Expansys.com

    Ms Bridge,

    apologies for the delay in getting your paypal account refunded. I have checked our system this morning and see that the remainder of your refund due was completed on 23/05/13.


    expansys customer service
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