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Stay away from Expansys!! Worst Customer Service you will ever come across!! Cheats!!

Steer clear of Expansys! They top the list when it comes to providing worst customer services. If you happen to send your gadget back to them for repairs then the chances are that you'll never get to see it again. Also don't expect any help form their customer services as they are as good as a recorded message service & will only add to your frustration.

I had to send my phone back to them for repairs which they received on 10 July 2013. I followed this up with a phone call & I was told that they have received the phone & that they have already sent it off to the manufacturer for repairs! impressive!!

As I did not hear from them I decided to call them up for an update & each time I was told that they are awaiting the phone back from the manufacturer after repairs. I have since been calling them each week for an update & every time I was told the same thing.

Then on 30 August 2013 I received an email from Expansys asking me to provide a proof whether the phone was received by Expansys for repairs. This email was then followed by another email by Expansys on 12 Sep 2013 advising me that they have sent the phone off to the manufacturer for repairs on 11 September 2013. So what were they doing with my phone for TWO months!! Also they have till date not bothered to reply to any of my emails. Also they did not even care to apologise for all the inconvenience & stress I am going through because of their poor customer service.

I advise anyone planning to make a purchase from Expansys not to waste their money with Expansys, instead look somewhere else.
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    Reply from Expansys.com

    Dear Sam,

    Thank you for your review, I am disappointed to hear your account of our service with regards to your repair and assure you it is not a true representation of the customers we support. We work exceptionally hard on our repair network to offer best in class however, I appreciate the delay you have experienced is unusual and frustrating.

    I can see your device was received in July and a diagnostic verified the fault you experienced. Since this diagnosis the team have been working with the device manufacturer in order to identify an approved repair centre capable of resolving the fault – as the initial repairer was unable to. This activity has delayed the dispatch of your product however, is required before the manufacturer authorises a return for repair under warranty. I would expect this to be communicated to our customers and have raised it with the service team to resolve as a matter of urgency.

    I would like to apologise for this lack of communication and advise that one of my team will be contacting you today to offer a direct line of communication and an alternative solution. I hope with time you choose to re-use Expansys in order for us to demonstrate our usual standards of service.

    Kind Regards

    T. Rose
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