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Unsafe company who must be posting their own positive reviews

My order has been awaiting stock since 03/11/2013 7:37 PM and the date of this edited review is December 12, 2013. The only communications I have received from this company post order was this T. Rose fellow who publicly said that he wished to assist me, but in private email suggested that it would be dangerous to refer to this company as criminal. I have been waiting for a very long time, I deserve answers...NOW. I plan to put a great number of resources into spreading the word about this company, We look for new suppliers all of the time as this is part of our business, however...it makes sense to me that this company should be removed as any form of trusted entity.
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    Reply from Expansys.com

    Dear Mr Dugas,

    I appreciate your feedback. It is fair to say that some responses contain similar wording however; I can assure you that negative feedback is not treated in the automated fashion you describe but instead with diligence.

    In the event you have not yet received the products ordered I would keen to hear from you on dsl-tazr@expansys.com. In the meantime I will communicate your feedback with our US team to review.

    Kind Regards

    T. Rose

    Customer Service Director.
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