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Not to be trusted - Bride and Groom left in the middle of nowhere!

Not even worthy of 1 star!
I booked a chauffeur driven car with Fairmont Chauffeurs for travel away from my wedding venue. I requested a midnight pick up and gave the full venue details. At 11.45pm our party was drawing to a close and we were in the midst of seeing our friends and family off. We accompanied the last few guests out at exactly midnight and they took there taxi. We remained waiting for a few minutes but by 12.05 began to get a little concerned as there was no sign of Fairmont Chauffeurs. I called the contact number I'd been provided and got no answer. I tried again and again in hope someone would pick up. After several attempts my call was directed to voice mail after only a few rings. Clearly someone was ignoring my calls. As I tried to call again I got a text message through which simply read “Driver left *postcode* after 12 as no answer and 2 missed calls.” I checked my phone and realised I did indeed have the 2 missed calls mentioned, I must have missed them whilst seeing our guests out. However our booking was made for 12 midnight as per our email correspondence to Fairmont and the calls I received, as per my mobile phones call log, was 23:48 and 23:49 – 10 minutes earlier than agreed so I think I can be forgiven for not expecting to be contacted at that time.
Since a text message had just been received I quickly called the number back and again got forced straight to answer phone. I tried again and again and the same happened. Clearly Fairmont Chauffeurs were not going to accept my call. I replied to the text message I had received in desperation knowing that our venue was in the middle of nowhere and had already been advised to book transport in advance as an hour wait is not uncommon. I said “We've been waiting since 12 outside. Are you sure you have the right place? Please call back asap.”
Having given up on Fairmont I began ringing round local taxi firms in hope of getting anyone to come and collect us and take us on our way to our honeymoon. While on the phone I received a further text from Fairmont that just said “Driver had to leave after 12. Missed calls were left but no answer.” We received no apology at all from Fairmont and they seem total uninterested in our awful situation being left miles from anywhere at our rural venue and totally embarrassed as all the staff there begin asking what the problem is and why we are still waiting around.
I'm 100% certain that we were waiting outside at midnight as agreed. We've even asked all the other taxi firms and minibus hire drivers our guests used to see if any of them spotted the Mercedes S-Class Long wheelbase limousine that Fairmont should have provided. None of them did and given the venue is only accessible by a single private road it's not possible that they would have all missed a pretty distinctive car in the grounds. Our belief is that the driver never even bothered showing up and the 2 missed calls we got were only Fairmont Chauffeurs' way of creating a smoke screen to attempt to convince us they had come to collect us as agreed.
To get left high and dry at any event is bad enough but on your wedding day is unforgivable. To then ignore all calls and not try and put right the mistake is truly terrible and shows they have no respect for any of their customers.
Take our advice and stay away from this joke of a company unless you like walking wherever you want to go as you'll never get picked up if our experiences are anything to go by!
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    Reply from Fairmontchauffeurs

    Mr Townend,

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to pass back your comments, we take customer service extremely seriously and, although these comments appear to raise a number of issue I can confirm some details pending a full investigation which has now been instigated.

    personally from my prospective as operations director, I am a little disappointed that you have been so animated with your comments as a review rather than contacting us yourself between the date of query and today (3 days)

    Ok, so this is where we are at - I can confirm that a vehicle was despatched to this venue in accordance with an email booking received. From speaking with the driver initially he is very clear on where he went, from the A1 down the main road from the A1 turning left towards the venue passing a church on the outskirts of the grounds. he was initially directed to the rear of the building where there is a cobbled court yard and a number of outbuildings. at that point he made the call to state arrival, hence the missed calls on the mobile.

    there was some catering staff who advised he should have been around the front so he made his way to the front of the building parking 20 yards down from large stone pillars to the front of the building.

    at 12.09am there was no contact still made and the driver was advised by a guest, he states guest. as came from the venue in shirt and trousers carrying a becks bottle that the couple had left and could the man concerned get a lift to harrogate?. he reported this back by blackberry and was sent on to his next job.

    So, in terms of your comments that there was a 'smoke screen' to cover up he had not even been to the venue,well i am convinced at this point that the driver had enough detail to show he was on site as agreed.

    Investigation are still continuing including a request for the company mobile phone logs, but, I am happy at this point that the driver made every attempt possible to make this booking happen for the details I currently have.

    The vehicle mileage logs are consistant with the driver attending and the driver would have had nothing to gain by not completing the job as they are paid on completed work only.

    As a company industry we operate in and the nature of these bookings often mean that there are phantom calls or people genuine do not wait for the arranged transport especially if no deposit has been paid. Because of this there is a set proceedure to follow to ensure every attempt is made not to leave a customer behind.

    I would at this point that I am sorry if you feel that we have let you down, I would assure you that swift action will be taken if. as a result of pending investigations, any liability is found to be at our side for anything that ressembles these comments being a factual state of affairs.

    Now I have taken the time to respond to this review I will make the same endeavours to speak with you in person as well to follow up on this.

    As I stated in the outset, we take customer service extremely seriously

    Kind regards

    Steve Dazella

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