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I placed an order for a pair of Shimano M161 SPD shoes on the 16th December 2011 for £61.99.
I received an email from Ukmail customer services (Fat Birds mailing service) on Wednesday the 20th December saying that the shoes would be delivered that day to my delivery address (my office).
The shoes did not get delivered.
I called Fat Birds on Friday 30th December to inform them That I hadn't received my shoes; Fat Birds informed me that Ukmail had tried to deliver the shoes to my office but couldn't as I was not known at that address, this of course is utter nonsense. Why would I specifically state in my order that I wanted my goods delivered to an address I do not use?
I then arranged with Fat Birds to have the shoes delivered to my home address.
On January 3rd 2012 I received a phone call from Ukmail asking if I had received my shoes!
They informed my they couldn't find the parcel in their system and would continue searching.
Monday 9th January I called Fat Birds, they did not answer so I left a message with their voice mail to please call me back, they did not call me back.
I called a second time on the 9th January this time they answered so I asked when I would be getting my shoes and to tell them about the phone call I had received from Ukmail the previous week which, before hand, they knew nothing about. Fat Birds then told me they would chase up my order. I asked as it was now nearing a month since I placed the original order if they could send me another pair of shoes to speed things up as I was getting impatient, they said they didn't have any more in stock, the chap I spoke too was not rude but spoke to me with an attitude like he couldn't really be bothered.
I called Fat Birds again on January 10th to follow up on my order, again no one answered.
Later that same day Fat Birds called me apologising for not calling back the previous day and to inform me that Ukmail had lost the parcel. They then told me that the shoes I ordered were no longer available but a new version of them was that were more expensive. I asked if they could waver the difference or at least offer a discount or throw some freebies into the deal as compensation for the inconvenience caused but was told that wasn't possible and that I must pay the difference on the order!
Needless to say I cancelled the order and requested a refund. Again the attitude of the staff at Fat Birds I spoke to was one of couldn't care less.
I have since ordered the same shoes from Ribble for £67.46 hopefully I will get a better service for the extra few pounds.
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