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Parcelforce/Fedex Lose Parcel and don't gave a F***** dam!

Sent a parcel via Parcelforce Global Express on 19th December 2012, Suppose to deliver via Fedex in Moscow.
My parcel was passed onto Fedex in Moscow on 25th December 2012 according to Parcelforce and they told me to Phone Fedex quoting my Tracking number to them.
I phoned Fedex and it took 23min 44seconds on hold to get through to their customer services who stated used the ref given and could not find my parcel, then they asked for the address I had sent my item too. Customer services then fobbed me off saying they can not find my parcel using Parcelforces tracking number and they need a reference number which they gave parcelfoce when collected by them from Moscow.
I contacted parcelforce for the fourth time regarding this situation and they have told me they do not have a ref/tracking number from Fedex and in all the years she been working within customer services they just use the same tracking number with was given to me from day one.
so to date, I have paid on the 19th December £52.95 for a 1KG parcel to be delivered in Russia within the deadline of 6 days and still nothing, No Parcel , Neither Parcelforce/fedex want to help or can give me any infomation to why my item has still not been delivered on time and has now taken over 10days and still not arrived at its destination!!!
PARCELFARCE/FEDEX USELESS!!! once they have your money , they do not care or bother to help you find your parcel in any way!!!
UPDATE - 31th Dec 2012 ,Item still not delivered and parcelforce said they would look into the matter and phone me back , still not contacted me !
UPDATE - Parcel delivered after parceforce contacted Fedex to find out they had only written half of the Russia address on their Fedex Delivery Form and stuck this over the Full address I had given them in English and in Russian. Then Parceforce contacted me with a ref number and asked me to contact my Russia friend to contact Fedex Russia to make sure it gets delivered.
My friend contacted them and OMG , they delivered the parcel on 5th January 2013!!
19th December 2012 - 5 January , Express Service, What a joke!
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