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Awful company; beware. Should give them 0

I decided to use FU as supplier of my fuel because I was attracted by the idea of a smart meter. Like another reviewer my house was empty awating refurbishment, FU invented an initial meter reading then refused to accept my readings because they were lower than their fabricated one. That was lasr December. I went to the Ombudsman who sorted things out but FU then sent me a threatening bill for the sum I owed them in standing charge with the compensation I was supposed to receive ADDED ON.
I have paid the small sum I owe but will not receive any compensation for the months of hassle because I have changed to another company . The smart meter? Never happened.
As an update I received a 'phine call from FU recently asking me if my smart meter installation was satisfactory. I explained to the poor girl on the 'phone that i hadn't been a customer of theirs for about 9 months. They really are in chaos!
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    Reply from FirstUtility

    Dear Silversue

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we are sorry for the issues you have experienced. We understand that your complaint is currently being investigated by the Energy Ombudsman and we will liaise with them accordingly in order to bring this matter to a swift conclusion.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Services, First Utility
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