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Dear Consumer Affairs Team,

I have not had a resolution to my problem so do not comment on here making everyone think you resolve your customer complaints quickly.

This morning i missed your call because i was on the telephone to the ombudsman to whom i have made a complaint to about your appauling company and even worse customer service and the fact that you have made no effort of contacting me in the 8 weeks this complaint has been going on i sent an email on 10/9/12 that has yet to be replied to.
Just to make everyone aware i only got the phone call this morning because i have wrote a review on here that they have took notice of but the problem is still there RING ME BACK!!!! And i cannot believe that all i want from this shambles of a so called company is an account setting up in my name with my address so i can take my electricity to another company at present my meter apparently does not exist SORT IT OUT!!!!!!
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    Reply from FirstUtility

    Dear Ann Marie,

    We would like to apologise for the issues you have experienced and for the distress caused. A member of our Consumer Affairs team has reviewed your case and has contacted you with a final resolution to this matter which we hope is to your satisfaction.

    Kind Regards,
    Customer Services, First Utility
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