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Barrow upon Humber, GB

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My initial online application kept getting rejected, I rang First Utility and they said they were having IT problems and to persevere which I did. I then rang after hearing nothing to be told multiple applications had resulted in no application and they would do it manualy. Further calls by me clarified that only electricity had been applied for and that no direct debit set up, resulting in delays to both. The major problem is that I cannot log in my online account, I am told this is because of multiple initial applications (their fault) and that their IT section will resolve, WEEKS later I still cannot log in and I have to call their 0845 number for ages and usually give up. Complaints to their customer services result in them not addressing the problem or complaint presented and I wish to God I hadn't changed from my existing provider as I still cannot log in to my online account.
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    Reply from FirstUtility

    Dear Mr Wilkins,

    We’re really sorry that your registration experience with First Utility has caused the issues you mention. A member of our Consumer Affairs team has been looking into your account and has emailed you with an update.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Services, First Utility
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