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I changed bank account in March and FU were given new details which they used to get monthly payments from April to July then - for some reason known only to FU- they reverted back to trying to take money from our old (unused, empty but still open) bank account. I was contacted to say we had not paid our bilI rang, in August, to explain that this was due to FU using old details. I was assured this would not happen again and 'new' account details were given again. I have since discovered that this has cost us £70 in bank charges as there are no funds in the old account. If not cleared further charges are likely to be incurred at the end of the month. I have contacted FU by e-mail about 12 times now and have had one response from Ricky and one from Julie about three weeks ago. Julie requested evidence of charges so I scanned a copy of the bank account to her - still no response. Absolutely no response since then except the computer generated ones saying ' Hi Mrs Crosbee we have recieved your e-mail etc etc. I find the use of teenager text speak to be very unhelpful, disrespectful and unprofessional. I have left my phone contact number but no call has come! I refeuse to pay their premium phone line costs to be put on hold for an hour like I was in August. The money for outstanding bills has been sitting in the new account since August but their systems do not compute for some reason!! Very frustrating and annoying!! Complete lack of appropriate human reponse from customer service - in fact non at all. I am leaving FU because of this debarcle - however I will be pursuing them refunding costs incuurred by their incompetence and making a complaint to the ombudsman. FIRST UTILITY IS A SHAMBLES - TO BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS ! THEY MAY LOOK CHEAP BUT THEY HAVE COST US MORE BECAUSE OF THEIR POOR SYSTEMS.
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    Reply from FirstUtility

    Dear Mrs Crosbee,

    Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience and distress that has been caused. Our Consumer Affairs team have contacted you to notify you of the actions to take to resolve this issue and we would be grateful if you could respond to us by email or phone so we can give you a full explanation and progress with the resolution.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Services, First Utility
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