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Incompetent Morons

My duel fuel tariff with British Gas was due to finish in early May of 2012. I looked through all the online tariffs to find FU as the cheapest provider. I first read all the reviews about FU before I signed up. The reviews were somewhat mixed, so I thought, lets give them a try. They cant be that bad. What a big mistake!!!

I signed up for their i save duel fuel tariff which was an online exercise and very simple to complete!! Not the case!! What I thought had been a simple process on my side of the deal, turned out to be an absolute nightmare for me.

They transfered the electric over to themselves and did not transfer the gas, which left me with no fixed tariff with British Gas.

Dispite endless emails the problem is not resolved.

To date I am still on a Standard tariff (whilst I wait for FU to get their act together), which is double what I was paying with the original duel fuel tariff with BG.

Once and if these morons finally transfer the gas over to themselves I will have paid approximately £300.00+ to British Gas which is over and above what I am paying FU per month.

As we are now in October and the duel fuel should have commenced in May, I have very little faith in these people to actually get the job done.

Avoid FU at all costs fellow consumers.
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    Reply from FirstUtility

    Dear Mr Cohen,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention and please accept our sincere apologies for the problems you have experienced with your transfer to date. Your case has been passed to our Consumer Affairs team and they have emailed you directly with an update.

    Kind regards,
    Customer Services First Utility
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