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What a nightmare!

A bunch of '90s - style whizz kids turned up at my door last October (2011) telling me I could have a SMART meter if I switched to first-utility. My existing electricity meter is antiquated and difficult to read, so I jumped at the chance.
Things proceeded normally except that they 'had trouble' getting my electricity account going. I have faithfully submitted readings whenever prompted.
A couple of months ago they came up with a bill of over £300. It was based on readings I could never have on my meter - a five-digit reading starting with a 1, whereas mine have started with a 5 all this time.
I have phoned, I have e-mailed, I have written letters, all ignored. During one call they told me they had 'put the account on hold' but I have received increasingly threatening letters and now they say they will cut me off within a week and charge me an EXTRA £385 for the privilege. I've spent literally hours now on hold on their 0845 number which they said I must call immediately.
Today and yesterday there is no answer on the phones - have they gone bust???
I'm very keen to pay them what I owe and have switched to ecotricity (ethical, and excellent customer service). I've estimated the amount, since luckily I have the original reading.
I am threatened with no electricity and a bill of £700.
(Incidentally, there has been no sign of a 'SMART' meter.)
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