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Absolutely disgusting customer service!!! Beware

I changed to First Utility from Scottish Power as they promised to be cheaper a year ago.
I have had endless problems with their site, struggled to get hold of them on the phone, and when emailed have received a reply some 4 weeks later, or not at all.

Due to these problems I have now changed back to Scottish Power with whom I am very satisfied.
The problem I have is that I am over £250 in credit with First Utility and contacted them asking when I would receive this back into my bank account. No response at all! I left the direct debit open so that they could return my money straight back to my account, and guess what? This month, having not been supplying my gas or electricity for a month now, they have taken another month's direct debit amount out of my account so that I am now in credit by £349!!!

Not surprisingly I have now closed the direct debit but have attempted to contact them with no success both by phone and email. I can't afford to pay for 2 different providers in the same month and this will now leave me in a difficult financial position, and I need my money back. My money is in their bank account earning interest when it should be in mine, which is tantamount to theft.

I will certainly be telling everyone I come into contact with to avoid these people like the plague and will always regret changing over to them in the first place.

If anyone out there is thinking of changing to them all I can say is DON'T.

If I do not get this problem resolved and my money back promptly I will be taking this matter further. This company should be banned from trading.
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