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Disgusting Company putting us further in to debt!

This is the most shocking company we have ever used! Where do I begin?
Smart meter not working properly, not reading the gas correctly told not to pay anything until this is sorted so we waited and waited then once sorted they demanded over £1000 straight away!
Payment plans never set up correctly.
No one listens.
Prices increasing every other month.
Bills still saying estimated what about the so called smart meter?
Email after email asking for a call back.
Attempting to take money from our bank account with no notification at all surely this is theft?
Over all stay away from this company at all costs! I have even involved a company director and he didn't even want to know!
Over £35.00 compensation after all the time, phone calls and email sent about this company what a joke!
I have now reported them to the energy ombudsman they want shutting down!
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