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What a waste of time....

I have only been with First Utility since June 2012, and the experience has not been a happy one by any means. I went with First due to their pricing and the fact that i could submit my readings each moth via my online account.
Initially, it was a reasonable service, although even when i did sumbit a reading, First Utility seemed to prefer estimating my readings, something that they did to great excess. At the end of November 2012, i submitted my usual readings for both Gas and Electricity, and the bill i got was shocking!! I submitted an electric reading which equated to a usage of 347 units, First Utility billed me for using 6347 units, 6000 more than i had actually used, which was invoiced at £662.00 After a 20min MOBILE telephone conversation with customer services, i was informed that my account would be put on hold, until the problem was rectified, and NO money would be taken via my direct debit agreement, although the advisor could not garrantee this payment would not be taken. My next course of action was to cancel the direct debit with my bank, although i did make a payment on the due date, based on what i thought to be the amount due, with the units used.
Since that payment, i have had numerous letters, asking for the remainder of the invoice to be paid, even though this was an invoicing error on the part of First Utility.
I once again had to make a costly mobile telephone call to Credit Control, to inform them of the situation, only to be told that the customer service agent hadnt put my account on hold properly, so that was why i was still receiving letters.
I have lost count of the number of emails i have sent regarding this matter, and nothing seems to be getting sorted.
On the 5th Jan, i received yet another letter from First Utility, informing me that after they have FAILED to contact me regarding the outstanding amount, if i dont pay within 7 days, my case will be handed over to their debt recovery agent, and they will gain access to my property in order to fit a pre-payment meter!!
This matter seems to be ongoing, as they fail to be able to perform a simple task in customer service, that being COMMUNICATION between departments!!
I even sent a further email to credit control yesterday, expressing my surprise that they have ANY customers left, due to the bad reports on forums such as these.
So the lesson learned? A Utility company that seems to be the cheapest, will send you to an early grave in stress alone!!!
AVOID these clowns!!
Just as a footnote to this sorry tale: My latest ESTIMATED bill from First Utility shows me that they have estimated my gas usage 100 units over what i have actually used...Another email i think!!

Just an update on my previous experience.

Things have got no better in my dealings with First Utility. I have lost all confidence in their ability to handle my account, and payments made to it.
I requested a detailed statement of account showing my invoices, payments made, and how they were allocated, and lets not forget, the £20.00 compensation payment as a result of my last entry on TrustPilot, it took them 6 weeks to provide that information, which doesnt show any compensation payment allocation, then they quickly followed it up with a notice of their intention to get a court order, enter my property, and fit a pre-payment meter!! As i see it, that would actually be a good idea, as at least i wouldnt be getting wildly over estimated invoices for my supposed usage!!
So they still continue to over estimate my usage, i'm sure they think i have a household of 10 people with a high usage, instead of a single male in a 2 bedroom house.3
I am really tired and frustrated with the lack of service i am getting from First Utilty, my Special offer on energy prices ends later this year, so i am seriously thinking of going elsewhere.
If you are reading this, take this as a warning, however cheap the prices maybe DONT DO IT!!!
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