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Unbelievably useless company

After signing up with FU in June 2012 (the name says it all really - should have realised) I still haven't received my FIRST bill even though it's now 8th March 2013. The excuse is that they're having a slight computer problem and the bills aren't being created (which is a lie). From month to month, nobody can give any idea when the "slight problem" will be sorted out, so whether this will be before or after my contract ends - who knows? I'm now nearly £1000 in credit as they "can't" generate a bill, yet still expect me to read the meters monthly. They will charge me £60 to end the contract early (the same one that they're not fulfilling).

I've tried a) phoning - which is a waste of anyone's life - b) emailing where you get an automated reply that someone will look into it (but doesn't) or c) tweeting where someone will then send you another fob-off email where you have to wait another month, to no avail. Month after month, the exact same result.

I've just been offered £20 shut-up fee but no promise of a resolution so refused and now contacting OFGEM. The customer service department is totally useless with nobody of any responsibility - they certainly don't deserve to be in a job and the Chairman needs a rocket up his backside as a wake up call. If MINUS 5 stars were available, they'd get that - it definitely shouldn't even be one star.

I so wish I knew about Trustpilot before signing up with this company - it's really not fair that they can be allowed to operate in such a shoddy manner and get away with it. BE WARNED - STAY AWAY FROM FIRST UTILITY - their attitude to customer service is F U !

UPDATE - Finally received my first bill last night so I have gone from nearly £1000 in credit yesterday to now owing them nearly £200 and within 12 hours of receiving this new balance (which I waited 10 months for) they phoned me to demand immediate payment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One can only imagine my reply, but needless to say it ended with a "no" !
She didn't even start off with an apology - beyond useless company to deal with. Can't wait for contract to end - yes you're most probably right - a likely scam.
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