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Avoid this company at all costs extremely poor customer service

When I moved into my property in December 2012 I looked around for the cheapest tarrifs. First utility came up on price comparison websites so I chose to stay with this company. I am now getting statements for an overdue payment for when I didn't live in the property, when I spoke to FU I was advised to ignore any statements for the dates from july-November 2012 which I have done. When I recieved statements showing how much my balance was it turns out they were still billing me for these months. I have had to send in copys of my tenancy agreement and also covering letters and was told somebody would get in touch but still nothing has been resolved. This has been gogoing on for months now and it is a complete joke. When I phoned them to see if they habe received my cheque I was told this they didn't accept cheques by 1 advisor bit was advised by somebody else that I could pay by this method. I have also had problems submitting meter readings to FU and when I have managed to do this they "havent" recieced them. Can't wait to pay off my bill and move to a respectable company. I now have my gas supplied by n-power and I have to say the staff there are so helpful and understanding I can't wait to have my electric supplied by them.AVOID FU phoned FU today 22/10/13 and have been on the phone for over 2 hours trying to sort out their diabolical mistakes. after been passed from pillar to post and been told that they don't have an account for me I have to ask

1, if there is no account and I don't exist on their system, why the hell am I receiving bills?

2, why can 1 person find me then other people can't. I mean for god sake the only thing u didn't ask me for was blood.

3, why get me angry then try arugeing with me down the phone. when all I wanted to do is sort out this ridiculous account. DON'T TAKE IT OUT ON ME IF YOUR HAVING A BAD DAY!!!

4, why do I need to be transferred to a change of tenancy department when I moved in to my property nearly 12 months ago when all this was done in December 2012??

this service is the worst I have received by any means. this company needs shutting down if all they do is rip people off. sick of FU completely now. I would recommend people to stay away from this company unless u enjoy getting POOR customer service and incorrect bills.
wouldn't it be good if this company was on DON'T GET DONE GET DOM!!! wander how they would try and cover that up.
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