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Nearly 2 months to conduct basic repairs? Foxtons managed - If only 0 *'s was an option!

To be honest, we should have never signed with Foxtons after the problems we had previous. However, we found a flat and it happened to be with Foxtons - so we, naively, signed a new contract.

The property was Foxtons managed so we presumed that this would mean any works that needed doing would be easy to get done, seen as they managed it. We, of course, could not have been further from the truth.

The foxtons property manager we have, Sam, has been absolutely no use at all and it seems as though we are having to push for works that should have been done when we moved in (almost two months ago). These are not even complex repairs. Seriously, how does it take nearly 2 months to re-hinge a wardrobe? All along we are forced (FORCED) to pay full rent for a sub-standard flat and it would seem that the works are still no closer to being done.

To be honest, I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of renting with Foxtons to avoid like the plague. It would seem they are incapable of organizing anything and my current dealings have been wholly unprofessional.

Current problems with our property:
1) Rubbish from the previous tenants still at the property
2) Grill doesn't work
3) Sink is blocked and does not drain
4) Wardrobe doors are off the hinges
5) door-knobs are close to falling off
6) MICE!
7) Hole in the bath

A wholly regretful experience... At least the one consistency Foxtons have is being terrible - well done on maintaining that guys. Chapeau!
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