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I wish I could rate Froomoo in negative.

order Samsung NX100 camera on 2nd June 2011 from and my Paypal payment went to B4U Telecom. For almost 4 weeks, I was told, the item is being delivered but the delivery is delayed from the warehouse. Around August 1st week, I cancelled my order and asked for a refund, and till the date I havent got it. If you mail them you dont get a reply and If you call them they just tell you they will check and payment will be made. I am now tired of calling them. Cant go to Paypal, because paypal deals with fraud cases for transactions within 45 days. I believe I have lost my money and wont get it back. It seems to be a cheat company running a scam. I am trying to see, whether there is any consumer body I can put a complain against such a Fraud company.
Please, please, dont experiment and AVOID any transaction with this company. and B4U Telecom should be ashamed of cheating people of their hard earned money like this. I will post this in every forum possible to save the consumers.
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    please do contact us by email to make sure this has been resolved. we ship from outside the UK so from time to time there may be delays and this it seems unfortunately may be one of them.
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