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I have never recieved such bad service

I don't even know where to start with regards to the upset, inconvenience and heartache this company have caused

I purchased a new property and in turn required furniture for the living room and dining room. Promised
delivery before Christmas on my sofa. Delivery was agreed and a day provided so I took the day off work, hearing nothing at about 3pm I called the store to see what time the last delivery would be and advised that it would be when they have delivered everything, at 9pm I get a call that delivery will be between 11pm and midnight !!!!! Have you ever heard of anything more ridiculous!!! I advised that I would not take delivery at that hour as I would be asleep in bed; delivery was agreed for first thing the following day which was Christmas Eve. 8.30 am I receive delivery of half of my sofa order..... after calling the store they confirmed that apparently that was all I had ordered with regards to the sofa, when 2 other witnesses and myself knew that I had also ordered a 2 seater as well .....The sales man got the order wrong!
However the piece that I did receive was damaged, so we resolved the initial order discrepancy and the fact that I had wasted a day off work.
on Sunday evening at approx 6pm I get a call advising that my replacement sofa, 2 seater sofa and dining table and chairs can be delivered on Tuesday, I managed to organise my time so I was at home on Tuesday quickly with work and waited for the order to the delivery men arrive today, the replacement sofa is yet again damaged!! And I was not advised that the remainder of the balance had to be paid prior to delivery, how I was supposed to do that with delivery organised on Sunday night, work on Monday and waiting for the delivery Tuesday I do not know!! So I was going to pay the balance but then thought why should I when the 1st item delivered is still damaged!!

Disappointing does not even cover what myself and my husband have had to go through, incapable sales men, delivery of goods that are not checked at the warehouse, moody delivery men that want to finish their shift (openly telling me this), managers that are unable to trouble shoot and overall a company that is happy to blame each others departments openly.

I would advise that if you are happy to buy goods without receiving any customer service / customer care then FV is perfect!
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