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In the first week of January 2012 we ordered a 2 piece leather suite with all electric recline. The salesman was very efficient and our order was placed with a 10% deposit and a delivery date 12 weeks away.

At the start of March we re-visited the store to pay a further deposit and set up a finance agreement on the balance. As we were in store we asked to confirm the delivery date. Your surprise we were informed there was a 4 week delay ... Would we have been informed had we not called in?

The middle of April comes around and the delivery arrives. The guys drop it into the lounge and demonstrate the recline and all appears to be ok. After they left we wanted to tweak the location and tried to pick up the sofa only to discover the one end/arm was extremely loose. We immediately called the customer care line and they organised a technician for the following Friday.

When the technician attended and examined the sofa, he discovered that the end/arm was not attached to recline mechanism. What was most alarming was that it was obvious that someone had removed the underside fabric cover on a prior occasion and examined the mechanism - ie they knew it was faulty and yet it had still found it's way to me!

Events to date were mildly annoying but their handling of the complaint from there on in were not only incredibly frustrating but also with no consideration for the customer.

- despite the fact that our contract is with FV they wouldn't authorise a replacement until they had secured recompense from their suppliers - this took 2 weeks.
- they refused to prioritise customer issues over other customer orders - we had to wait the full order time again - another 12 weeks we hoped.

After several conversations and emails we finally received confirmation that our replacement had been ordered with a 13 week lead time.

The 13 week lead time expired 2 weeks ago. Our email chasing the customer care manager was forwarded to the branch we purchased from for them to provide a delivery estimate. After a week our patience ran out and we visited the store o be told that our replacement had been rejected due to mould all over it. We're they going to tell us .... who knows.

Having left my number I awaited a call from a senior person within their customer care dept. They ended up calling my wife who, having explained the whole debacle again, made the suggestion that we may be prepared to keep the sofa and repair it ourselves for a substantial refund. This suggestion was rejected forcefully and the women suggested that we should be gratefull as she could have wiped the mould off the replacement and sent it anyway. Unbelievably she also suggested that we wait another 12 weeks for a further replacement.

Our patience expired, we made the decision to request they uplift the whole suite and give back our money. To their credit they did this without quibbling.

The build quality of the suite we bought (Solstice) was beyond poor and this was only surpassed by the incredibly poor cusomer service and that departments lack of compassion or consideration for the customers feelings.

We WON'T be shopping with them again and would recommend that others avoid them as well.
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