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Very unhappy with their faulty goods policy

I bought 2 sofas from them. After 3.5 years the "leather" covering - which turned out to be a wafer-thin veneer over fabric - started to peel off. We wasted a few months trying to get some satisfaction out of the less-than-comprehensive insurance we were sold at time of purchase, and when that finally came to nothing we contacted customer services.
Customer services admitted in an email that faulty manufacturing was to blame. They claimed that normally they would replace but that the sofas were now discontinued. This was untrue - they changed the name. They claim that the "new" model has different covering. This may be true but it is nowhere near the totally different taht they claim (the "new" sofas appear identical) . Anyway they refused to replace their faulty goods with sofas that didn't have the fault.
They then said that because the fault came to light after 4 years (due to the claim being delayed by their insurers) they would only offer £416 in compensation (on sofas of over £1500) and pressured us into accepting this by imposing a deadline for our decision whether to accept.
We now have two horribly tatty sofas and not enough money to replace them or get them recovered.
Their reaction is "we do care about both our products and customers and do our best to resolve issues that occur in an equitable way."
Well, no they don't. They use delaying tactics, high-pressure techniques and hide behind the absolute minimum they can get away with.
Obviously we are dissatisfied and will never buy from them again.
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