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Very Poor after sales

We bought an electric Memory Motion 6' x 6' 6" bed back in 2009 with a five year warranty. We did have problems with the bed when we fist bought. It was making all sorts of creaking noises and after the third visit by an engineer, who oiled it and made some adjustments the noise wouldn't go. To be fair to FV they said they would replace one side of the bed. (Two 3' beds joined).
After a few months the same problem occurred and all we could hear was creaking sounds from underneath near the motor. After a while, we just got used to the noise as it was only when the bed was tilted.
January 2013, the bed collapsed. My head went down hard and I soon found out the the motor housing unit had split apart and it stopped working. The mess was incredible. I phoned the customer services and that's where my story begins. I am still waiting for the motor to be delivered. No one has kept me up to date until I made series of phone calls. I would have thought someone would have come out and at least assessed the damage and checked the electrics. It is now three months since the first report of the fault. Please please repair my bed. Still no sign or phone call of an engineer. I have to keep phoning customer service. Order 272726841/176185

Now four months after initial report of bed motor collapsing and splitting from the main housing unit. Engineer came out to fit the new motor and then saw that the metal housing unit which holds the motor into place was too bent. I did report that the metal housing unit was bent at the beginning but still no one came to inspect. Now waiting on the housing unit to be delivered. 4 months waiting and still no prospect of repair. Will not shop at FV again. Very very poor after sales service.
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    Really sorry for the problems you have experienced with your bed.

    I have been told the parts are now in from the supplier, and the technician is going to fit it on the 2nd of May.

    Thank you for your patience with all of this, and we will certainly monitor your order to make sure the issue is resolved for you.
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