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Liar! Never use this company. Feeling so upset.

I brought a dinning table with 4 chairs in 6th of March 2013 in Furniture Village Friern Barnet. Order No.161666904. Total price is £610. Anticipated delivery time are 3 weeks. After 2 weeks later (nearly end of March) , they sent 4 chairs to my house and told me the dinning table might delay about few weeks. In the middle of April, My sister called them and ask when we will receive this dinning table. They said because the shipment problem, the new delivery date will between 7 - 12 May 2013. Until Today, I haven't receive any phone call or e-mail. I still waiting for my dinning table.
My sister called them today, they said "they told me the delivery date is end of May when I purchase it" which is not true. They said they made several phone call to me and I should know about the delivery date. They are liar. If I know the delivery date will be 12 weeks later, I will not buy this dinning set for sure. I believe everyone will make the same decision.
My sister also asked them today about cancel the order. The sales man said the 30% re-stocking fee will be charge. And if we would like to speak to their store manager or direct, please come Saturday.
I really feel upset. I shouldn't pay the whole price in the first time. Their customer service just like a joke. After they took your money, they will leave you along.
The only thing I can do is post my experience here to let other people know. I am a Chinese , I will also write my experience in Chinese and send it to all UK Chinese newspaper. I hope everyone becarful with this company and avoid it.

My personal suggestion:
If you are think about to buy anything from this company:
1. Please Avoid!. Even Ikea's customer service is much better than this company.
2.If you really wants to buy from them , do not pay them in advance!!!!!!!!

If you are already purchased something and waiting for delivery:
1. Please use your mobile phone record function to record any conversation between you and this company. Otherwise they will say it's all customer's problem. ( They will said they told you before....)
2. If they phone you to re-arrange the delivery time, please ask furniture village send you a formal e-mail or letter to prove it. It will become your powerful evidence.

Any update, I will post it to let everyone know.

Latest update: 28/May/2013
After 86 days, I finally received my dinning table today. (12:23pm 28/May/2013)
Order date: 03/Mar/2013
Receive date: 28/May/2013
If anyone wants to buy something from this company, I am a real example.
Furniture Village said because their container was delayed.
So, I am lucky it only delayed 2 month.
If this container delay about 6 month or 8 month, I believe I am still waiting now.
What I wants to say is :
Container delay is not my fault. I don't know why I can not get full refund in the first time. 30% re-stocking charge is a joke. It's furniture village's problem not mine.

Because this dinner table delayed:
I have to cancel my housewarming party. It's furniture village going to pay me?
I can not have a proper meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 86 days , I have to eat on my small coffee table. It's furniture village going to pay me?
My parents needs to change the air plane tickets because I have no dinning table to eat proper meal. It's furniture village going to pay me?

I strongly advise the consumers to think twice if you want to purchase anything from Furniture village.
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    Reply from Furniture Village

    We are extremely sorry for the unsatisfactory service you may have experienced. The shipping container was delayed, which was unfortunately unforseen.

    We do place considerable emphasis on customer service at all levels of our business, therefore it is especially disappointing that we let you down this way.

    Looking at your order details today, I can see your table has now arrived, and we have arranged to deliver this for you on the 28th of May..
    Please accept our sincere apologies once again, and sorry for any disappointment you were caused.

    Good afternoon,
    One of our Senior Managers has advised he has been in contact with you today to apologise for the poor service you have experienced. He was,as you can imagine, disappointed to hear the events of your order, but has said that you were pleased he called you, to discuss the matter further.
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