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Mislead me about what I was buying. Terrible Customer Service

I absolutely agree with many of the comments posted here - particularly in relation to them not grasping the complaint.
I bought a settee from them in 2007 and over the last year the leather has started to flake off and crack. I initially blamed my husband, but then the problem started on the sides of the arms and not just on the seats. It turns out that it wasn't even leather - it was advertised and sold to me as genuine, durable leather, but it was bi-cast leather, which isn't the same. The sales brochure from the time makes claims about the product that aren't true. They sold me something that should have lasted 10-15 years for a family home, that's falling apart after 6. I bought from Furniture Village because I trusted them, but I should have saved my money and bought a cheaper settee from Argos. My sister bought a similar settee for about the same price from House of Fraser and that's still looks and feels like a brand new settee.
Their customer services is poor too. I too have received their standard reply that the settee is 6 years old so we don't care go away. A call to their call centre was a waste of time - they won't even engage about my complaint. I feel ripped off and let down. I now have to replace something that I hadn't expected to need to for another 5 years. I won't be shopping there again.

The reply below from Furniture Village just shows that they're not listening and they don't care. This isn't about a manufacturing fault. You told me I was buying something with a 100% leather mark that was durable and would last me. That's what your leaflet said and what your sales staff told me. What you actually sold me was imitation leather and as a result its now falling apart. Your company lied to me and doesn't care about the consequences. Your brand values talk about integrity - I'm sorry I just don't believe that you know what it even means.
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    Reply from Furniture Village

    Sorry you have been disappointed with your furniture, and the conclusion of our service letter.

    As you have only recently advised us of the problem and the goods were purchased over six years ago, our Structural Guarantee covers manufacturing defects for a period of five years. All furniture older than five years will be outside the Statutory Limitation period imposed by law.

    Once again we are sorry you are disappointed with our conclusion.

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